All Men

Scripture: John 12:32, ‘But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.’


Observations: Some Greek had come to celebrate the Passover (which would mean they were God-fearers, foreigners who believed in God but had not been circumcised), and they asked to see Jesus (v20-21). When Jesus finds out he launches into a monologue and how the ‘hour’ has finally arrived, by which he means he is about to die (v23-28). Jesus refers to his death as the moment of his glory, so that the phrase ‘lifted up,’ means both ‘to be exalted,’ as well as ‘to be crucified.’ And finally Jesus makes the connection between his crucifixion and the Greeks, for when he is crucified he ‘will draw all men to himself.’ His crucifixion and resurrection mark the beginning of a new age, where God’s people won’t be a nation i.e. Israel, but will instead be the church, the gathering of all God’s people from every nation. Meeting these Greeks who were on the fringes of God’s people reminded Jesus that what he was about to do would lead to their adoption as God’s children and their full membership into God’s family (see Eph 2:11-22).


Application: How multicultural is our church? Are we drawing all men into our church? In some places that might be difficult, but not in Australia, and not even in Camira, we are a multicultural nation. How open are we to reach out and include people from other ethnic backgrounds? As Christians we should be the most inclusive, least racist people on the planet, because in Christ God is the most inclusive and least racist God there is. How can you be more inclusive to those from different nations? Maybe you could invite someone from a different ethnic background for lunch and swap recipes?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Your Son, Jesus, didn’t just come to save Your people the Jews, He came to save all those who put their faith in Him, no matter who they were or where they have come from, whether Jews, Greeks, or Dutchies. Lord, may I have that same inclusive attitude. Help me to open my heart up to people from different ethnic backgrounds. Forgive any racist, or judgmental attitudes that I might have, and help me love people like You love them. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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