Being the People of Christ

Scripture: Psalm 110:3, ‘Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power, in holy garments; from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be yours.’


Observations: Psalm 110 is one of the more difficult Psalms to understand. Almost every commentator, including the Jewish ones, believe that it refers to the Messiah. The reason is because David refers to this person as ‘my lord. (v1,4)’ This individual is not only greater than King David, he sits at Yahweh’s right hand (v1,5), he rules with a mighty scepter (v2), he judges the nations (v5-6), and he is a priest in the order of Melchizedek (v4). But verse 3 isn’t about the Messiah, but about his people. Firstly, Christians (Christ is the Greek for Messiah) ‘offer themselves freely.’ The Hebrew actually has the people giving themselves as a freewill offering to the Messiah. Paul reflects this idea when he calls us to offer our lives as a living sacrifice to God (Rom 12:1). Secondly, Christians wear ‘holy garments.’ It’s possible that this may mean ‘holy clothes’ as in the special clothes that priests wore, but as Christians we would see it as being clothed in the righteousness of Christ. The third phrase is rather difficult to translate. The phrase ‘womb of the morning,’ isn’t talking about the beginning of a new day, but the beginning of a new era i.e. the reign of Christ. As for ‘the dew of your youth will be yours,’ the NIV has a note that suggests ‘your young men will be like the dew’ i.e. like the morning dew covers the ground, so Christians will cover the earth.


Application: We can often get distracted by what Psalm 110 says about Jesus, and overlook what it says about his followers. If you believe that Jesus is the Christ, this Psalm challenges you to then ask the following three questions. Firstly, are you freely offering your life to Jesus? Being a Christian is about willingly serving the One who willingly gave his life in service to us. Secondly, are you clothed in the righteousness of Christ? Is your right standing with God based solely on Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross? Thirdly, are you actively sharing your faith? Are you part of the process of Christianity covering the earth? Jesus is building his kingdom, and he uses us to do so.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus is the Christ, that he is the One that You promised to send in the Old Testament who would save Your people. Lord, I believe that he died for my sins, and that his perfect righteousness has become mine. So I ask You Lord, to forgive my selfishness and help me by Your Holy Spirit to freely offer my life in service of You. Lord, help me share the Good News that the Christ has come and that we can be made right with You. Lord, may Your people and Your praise cover this whole earth like the morning dew covers the ground. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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