Care for One Another

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:25, ‘There should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.’


Observations: Paul is talking here about the body of Christ, the church, and how we should look after each other. Paul goes to great lengths to describe how we are all different, and have different functions, but despite this we all belong to the body, and therefore rather than experience ‘division,’ we ‘should have equal concern for each other.’ The word ‘division’ in Greek is schism, where we get the English word schism. There are plenty of reasons who schisms should exist in Christ’s body, not only are we all different, but we are also all sinful. Paul however, contrasts what is likely with what should be. Rather than schisms there should be concern. The Greek word is merimnaō, which means ‘to care.’ As people we have many cares in this world, but our greatest care should not be this world but God’s kingdom (Mt 6:25-34).[1] And because we care about what God cares about we ought to care about the church, our brothers and sisters in Christ. Paul says, ‘I face daily the pressure of my concern (care) for all the churches. (2 Cor 11:28)’ And he commends Timothy ‘who takes a genuine interest in your welfare. (Phil 2:20)’ In secular Greek this word describes how parents care for their children. It’s the practical expression of our love for someone else. If we love someone we will care for them, we will be concerned for them.


Application: Do you care about your brothers and sisters in Christ? Are you concerned for their welfare? Do you think about their spiritual growth? In what ways could you show that you care for them? You could pray with them, you could give them a word of encouragement, you could serve them in some way, you could spend some time with them. Think about ways you can show care for one another.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, just as You care for me, so I want to care for my brothers and sisters in Christ. Lord, help me not be indifferent, or to ignore others, but help me to be concerned with their welfare and what’s happening in their lives. Lord, make me a more caring and compassionate person. And help me to show my care in practical ways. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

[1] This word occurs 17 times in the NT, 5 of those times in this passage alone.


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