Covenantal Faithfulness

Scripture: Psalm 105:8 ‘He is mindful of his covenant forever, of the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations.’


Observations: The word ‘covenant’ is one of the most significant words in Scripture. It means more than just a promise, rather it outlines the commitment that two parties promise to one another. Just like a marriage is more than a promise, rather it’s a commitment between a husband and wife to each other, so God and his people make commitments to one another. The covenant here is the one made between God and Abraham, and confirmed with Isaac and Jacob (v9), that ‘I will give the land of Canaan as your inheritance. (v10)’ The mark of the covenant was the sign of circumcision. God ‘is mindful of his covenant forever.’ And if we’re not sure what that means he talks about ‘a thousand generations.’ A generation was considered 40 years, so 40,000 years. When you consider that the Bible traces 76 generations from Jesus to Adam (Lk 3:23-38) a 1,000 generations will probably easily cover the existence of the earth. The point is that God will never forget his covenant. In fact, the Psalm goes on to say that God won’t forget his covenant even when it seems like it. for example when Joseph is sold as a slave to Egypt 9v16-22), when God’s people become slaves in Egypt (v23-36), and when they were wandering in the wilderness (v37-42). Every time God remembered his covenant and recued his people, until his covenant was fulfilled.


Application: Just like God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so he has made a covenant with us. While God’s covenant with Abraham was confirmed with the blood of circumcision, his covenant with us is confirmed with the blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ. When we put our faith in Jesus God will never forget the promises he has made, that he will forgive our sins, that he will adopt us as his sons, that he will give us eternal life. And no matter how difficult life gets, and how it might seem that God has forgotten, and even how unfaithful we may be, God will fulfil his covenant promises. You can trust the faithfulness of God, as long as you keep trusting in Jesus.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You never forget Your covenant promises, not for a thousand generations, because You are a faithful God, and Your word never fails. In fact, You confirmed Your covenant with me with the blood of Your own Son, Jesus Christ. Lord, I put my trust in Him and I put my trust in You, because You are trust-worthy. Lord, forgive me when I doubt Your goodness and Your love, just because life gets difficult, or things don’t go the way I expect. Help me become faithful to You like You are to me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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