Doing Life with Jesus

Scripture: John 21:12a,13, ‘Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” …Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them, and so with the fish.’


Observations: This is the third time that Jesus has met with his disciples after his resurrection (v14). The fact that 7 of his disciples had returned to Galilee to go fishing doesn’t necessarily mean the y have given up on the faith and returned to their old occupations, rather Jesus had told them to return to Galilee (Mt 28:16), and they put their time waiting to good use. However, they don’t catch anything until Jesus appears and tells them to try on the other side of the boat. As soon as the net is full they realize it’s Jesus. What happens next is a beautiful picture, not just of Jesus doing life with his disciples, but of Jesus providing for their basic needs i.e. a hot breakfast of bread and fish. Jesus’ invitation, ‘Come and have breakfast,’ is not just an invitation to eat, but also an invitation to fellowship with their risen Lord (see Rev 3:20).


Application: Firstly, it’s easy to think of Jesus being distant i.e. sitting at God’s right hand in heaven, but the truth is that Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit in the normal everyday experiences of life. As his followers Jesus invites us to do life with him. The challenge for us is to invite Jesus into our everyday lives i.e. to do breakfast with Jesus, to do our work with Jesus, to do our socializing and our recreation with Jesus. How are you inviting Jesus to be a part of your daily life? Secondly, it’s also easy to do life in our own strength, providing for our own needs, but this story reminds us that Jesus wants to provide for our needs, that he wants to serve us. We can’t do God’s will in our own strength, we need Jesus, and Jesus promises to be there for us and give us what we need. Maybe today you not only need to ask Jesus into your daily life, you need to ask him to give you what you need to do it for God’s glory.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I confess that so much of what I do in my day I do on my own, relying on my own abilities. Lord, I know that You are always with my through Your Holy Spirit, and yet I don’t invite You to be a part of my everyday life. Lord, I want to invite You into every part of my day today. May I be conscious of Your presence, may I seek to honour You in all that I do. But Lord, I also ask that You enable me to do Your will, that as Jesus served his disciples that he will continue to give me all that I need. Lord, I thank You that I get to do life with my Creator, that You are present in all things. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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