Following Jesus

Scripture: John 13:15, ‘I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.’


Observations: Jesus has just finished washing his disciples’ feet and he says that they should do for others as he has done for them. Jesus refers to his actions as ‘an example.’ While he is speaking specifically about washing his disciples’ feet, the reality is that all of Jesus’ life is an example for us to follow. In fact, the word ‘disciple’ means follower, or someone who follows the example of his master. Jesus didn’t just teach theology, but also behaviour and character. All of his life is an example that we should follow. But it’s important to note that Jesus is also intensely aware that he is about to die, in fact the foot washing is a symbol of his sacrificial cleansing of his disciples’ sin. And so Jesus’ death is also an example for us to follow, that just as Jesus died for us so we should be willing to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others.


Application: Are you really a Christian? By that I mean: are you really following Jesus’ example? Do you think like Jesus thought, do you speak like Jesus spoke, do you do the things that Jesus did? Being a Christian isn’t about our title, what we call ourselves, it’s about who we believe in and how he has transformed our lives. It sounds corny but today ask yourself ‘what would Jesus do, or what would Jesus say, or what would Jesus be thinking?’ Maybe Jesus would pray, or speak up, or help, and maybe you should do the same, after all, as a Christian you are Jesus’ Ambassador.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I call myself a Christian, but I wonder how much of Your Son people can see in my life. Lord, forgive me when I follow Jesus in name only. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I might truly follow Him. Allow Your word to help me think like Jesus thought, and help me by the power of Your Spirit to speak Your words and serve in Your strength. May I not only proclaim Christ with my words, but also by my lifestyle. May Jesus by my example in all things. In His name and for Your glory I pray. Amen.

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