From Cares to Cheers

Scripture: Psalm 94:19, ‘When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.’


Observations: This verse talks about the many cares of the psalmist’s heart, and he lists a few in this psalm. He talks about those who are proud (v2), the wicked (v3), the arrogant and boastful (v4), who crush God’s people (v5), kill widows and murder orphans (v6), and who don’t think God sees or cares (v7). The psalmist has many reasons for concern. So what are these consolations that cheer his soul? Firstly, the psalmist knows that the God who created ears, hears everything; and the God who created eyes, sees everything; and the God who teaches people knowledge, knows everything (v8-11). He mentions God’s disciple (v12), his faithfulness (v14), and his justice (v15). God will stand up for him (v16), God will help him (v17), and God’s love will uphold him (v18). The psalmist’s point is that while the world gives many causes for concern, God gives many reasons for hope. What he knows about God outweighs what he experiences in this world.


Application: What do you know about God? How well do you know God? Do you know God’s activity in your life? Do you see how he helps you? Do you understand his great love for you in Jesus Christ? Do you believe that the One who made your ears and your ears and revealed himself and his wisdom to you in his word, sees what you are going though, knows what you are feeling, and hears your cries for help? I’m sure like the psalmist we can all list the many cares of our heart, but like the psalmist can we say God’s consolation cheers my soul? Does our relationship with God, what we know of God, outweigh the cares of our hearts?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You know the cares of my heart, You know the concerns that I wrestle with, You know the frustrations and the fears. But Lord, You are greater than my concerns. Your love that You have shown me on the cross through the death of Your Son, is more than enough to uphold me through whatever this life may bring. Lord, grow my faith in You that in the midst of the cares of this world Your love and grace might cheer my soul. Like Jesus said, ‘in this world you will have many troubles, but take heart for I have overcome the world.’ Help me to take heart in the victory of Christ. In His name I pray. Amen.

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