How to Use Your Day Wisely

Scripture: Psalm 90:12, ‘So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.’


Observations: This verse encourages us to ‘number our days,’ or understand just how important each day is. According to this psalm God gives us so few days, before we return to the dust form which we are made (v3). God ‘sweeps us away as in a flood, (v5)’ and like grass we ‘spring up new in the morning but by evening we wither and fade. (v6)’ And even the days that we have been given are full of sin and God’s anger against sin (v7-11). But each day isn’t just important, we need to be wise about each day. The Psalmist goes on to ask three things. Firstly, that God might satisfy us each morning with his steadfast love (v14), that we might be filled with joy amidst our struggles (v15). Secondly, that we might see God’s glorious power at work in our lives (v16). Thirdly, that God might show us his favour, that our efforts might be successful (v17). Even though our days are numbered we live them well when they are lived in light of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, when they are lived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and when they are blessed by God’s grace.


Application: Today you have a choice, to just go through the motions, to live your life for yourself or for other people. In which case in the scheme of things it will only amount to a fraction of the 70-80 years you have been given. Or you can use your day wisely, and live Your day in the knowledge of God’s love for you in Jesus Christ, asking the Holy Spirit to work God’s glorious power through you, and seeking God’s favour on your efforts. In which case today will have impact and significance for all eternity. I want to encourage you to start today with God, because a day without God is a day wasted.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, teach me to number my days, for Lord I have so few days to serve You in this world, so few days to impact the lives of others with the gospel. Lord, make my heart wise, and help me realize that without You, without Your blessing, and the power of Your Holy Spirit, and Your love for me in Jesus Christ, my efforts will come to nothing. Lord, fill me with Your Spirit, that I might make a difference for Your kingdom today. Lord, fill me with Your love that others might experience Your grace through me. Lord, shower Your blessing on my work that it might achieve something of eternal significance. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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