I Will Remember

Scripture: Psalm 76: 11, ‘I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.’


Observations: Often the Psalms are written in times of trouble and this one is no different. The Psalmist cries out to God for help (v1-3) and he wonders if God has rejected his people forever (v7-9). But if he doubts God’s present love he can appeal to God’s love displayed to his people in the past. It’s interesting I only just watched first double episode of ‘The Bible’ on television last night, and one of the more memorial scenes was of the parting of the Red Sea. And it’s to this event that the Psalmist turns (v16-20). And he describes it in words even more dramatic than modern special effects. The waters didn’t just part they ‘writhed’ and ‘convulsed.’ Water poured, thunder resounded, lightning flashed like arrows, and the earth trembled and quaked. But for the Psalmist it wasn’t just a something on television, it was history. It actually happened, possibly only 800 years earlier. Even ‘though God’s footprints weren’t seen, (v19)’ God ‘led his people (v20)’ and ‘with his mighty arm he redeemed them. (v15)’ And it’s in remembering ‘the deeds of the Lord and his miracles of long ago,’ that the Psalmist finds hope in the present.


Application: God doesn’t always show himself to us in tangible ways and we can start to wonder if he really exists. But we believe that the Bible is true and that it accurately records the mighty works of our God. God created the universe, God saved Noah, God called Abraham, God rescued his people from Egypt, God anointed David, God sent the Prophets, God came into our world in the person of Jesus Christ who died and rose again, and God has given us the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to remember and believe ‘the deeds of the Lord.’


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You act in order to fulfil Your purposes and bring about Your plans, not so we can have irrefutable evidence that You exist. But Lord, I believe that You do exist and that You have revealed Yourself throughout history as recorded in Your word, the Bible. Help me meditate on Your works and consider Your mighty deeds, that I might remember Your greatness and trust in You and You alone. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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