Light and Truth


Psalm 43:3a 
Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me…
Light and Truth
Observations: The Psalmist is lamenting the troubles in his life. He compares his need for God to a deer that pants for water (v1), and his desire to meet with God with a great thirst (v2). Through his constant tears people ask him ‘Where is your God?’ (v3), and he looks back to the times when he worshipped with God’s people (v4). The truth is that he is depressed. But he asks himself why is he so downcast, why is he so disturbed? His question recognizes the reality of his emotional state – this is how he truly feels. He doesn’t cover up his feelings, or pretend they aren’t real. But his question also acts as a subtle rebuke, why does he feel this way, when his hope is in the Lord, when he knows that God is his Saviour. The Psalmist reminds himself that his circumstances are only temporary, that God will come through for him. In fact, his being downcast is in the context of God’s constant love for him (v8).

Application: Firstly, this Psalm validates our feelings of being overwhelmed by our circumstances. If you feel downcast or disturbed that’s not a sin, it’s how we react to difficult situations. Secondly, there is no resolution to those feelings in this Psalm. We aren’t always told how long we will suffer. Thirdly, God is our hope in the midst of our suffering. We can be assured of God’s love in the midst of our suffering, and we can still praise him in the midst of our suffering. We put our hope in the fact that God is our Saviour, that he is our God. Our reality isn’t defined by our circumstances, but by the fact that we belong to God and He loves us.
Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, when I am in the midst of uncertainty and difficult circumstances, help me to be honest with You about my feelings. Lord, I sometimes feel downcast and depressed. But Lord, help me not to succumb to those feelings, but instead put my hope in You. Lord, I know that nothing in this world can separate me from Your love for me in Jesus Christ, and in light of that may I always praise You and thank You for Your mercy and grace. May I never forget that Jesus is my Saviour and my God. In His name I pray. Amen. 

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