Repentance and Praise

Scripture: Psalm 79:9, ‘Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake.’


Observations: Jerusalem has been destroyed and God’s people have been taken into exile, and the Psalmist asks ‘How long. O Lord? Will you be angry forever? (v5)’ And ‘Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers? (v8)’ And so the Psalmist pleads to God asking that God ‘help us,’ and ‘deliver us and forgive our sins.’ This is what repentance is, recognizing your sin and seeking forgiveness, it’s turning to God for help, for your deliverance, for salvation. But the Psalmist asks God to forgive them, not just so they may be delivered from exile, but also ‘for the glory of your name.’ In the end everyone will glorify God’s name, no matter what they thought of him in life, but the Psalmist is saying, if you save us it will bring glory to your name now. The Psalmist pleads with God to act according to his character, according to his covenantal promises. Yahweh is the name of the God of the Covenant, and in renewing his covenant he brings glory to his name.


Application: Firstly, have you truly repented of your sins? That doesn’t mean you just feel bad or guilty about them, but that you have turned to God believing that in Christ God has forgiven you and given you a new life. Secondly, are you glorifying God? God has helped you, he has delivered you in Christ, he is your Saviour, are you living to see his name exalted? In the midst of the difficulties in life are you turning to God in repentance and worship?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the fact that You have helped me in my time of need. When I was far from You and walking away from You, You changed my heart through Your Spirit, and I turned away from myself and towards You in faith. Lord, You are my Deliverer and my Saviour, and I worship You. Lord, help me live for the glory of Your name. May I bring honour to the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name I pray. Amen.


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