Seeing God's Unfailing Love


Psalm 48:9 
Within your temple,
O God,
we meditate on
your unfailing love.
Seeing God's Unfailing Love
Observations: This Psalm encourages us to observe ‘the city of our God, his holy mountain (v1),’ and reflect on God’s goodness to his people. While it never mentions Jerusalem by name, it does mention Mount Zion, where the temple was and where God resided. The Psalmist reflect s on how God had destroyed those who advanced against Mount Zion (v4-7), how God makes the city secure (v8), and how they rejoice because of God’s judgments (v10). In reflecting on the number of towers and the cities defences the Psalmist wants us to see God’s blessing (v12-14). And God’s people specifically gather in the temple to meditate in God’s unfailing love. Twice every day the priests performed sacrifices for the sins of God’s people, and God’s people would gather to worship him. And worship is how we respond to God’s love displayed to us, particularly God’s love displayed to us in Jesus Christ.

Application: While Old Testament people considered the Temple as a symbol of God’s presence and love for his people, we look to Jesus as the greatest expression of God’s love. In Jesus God is present with us. In Jesus we see the full extent of God’s love as he comes and dies in our place to rescue us from our sin and reconcile us with himself. We can meditate on God’s unfailing love wherever we are, but like the Psalmist it is good to gather as God’s people and celebrate God’s love together, especially as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. It is good to remind the next generation of God’s grace, and encourage them to look and see God’s unfailing love in the symbols of bread and wine.
Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, all around me I can see Your unfailing love towards me, in providing a beautiful home, my daily bread, and the security I enjoy here in Australia. But I see your love most fully in the person of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for me. Lord, help me to think of Your unfailing love, every day as I open Your word, every week as I gather with Your people for worship, every month as I celebrate Christ’s death through the Lord’s Supper. Lord, help me to think on Your love every moment of my day, that I might never forget Your goodness to me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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