Take Heart

Observations: Jesus has been talking for three whole chapters, and the purpose of all his words is that ‘you may have peace.’ And it’s not so much Jesus’ words that will bring them peace, but himself. It’s ‘in me’ that they will have peace. It’s our connection to Jesus that brings us peace with God and hence peace in ourselves and in our circumstances. And Jesus is blunt, in this life we ‘will have tribulation.’ We will have hardship and suffering and persecution. But even in the midst of those things we can know the peace that Jesus has won for us on the cross. We can ‘take heart,’ because Jesus has ‘overcome the world.’ The world hates us, just like it hated Jesus (15:18), but Jesus has overcome the world, he has won the victory, and this life is no longer the one that truly matters. Because Jesus has defeated Satan, the prince of this world, through faith in him we share in his victory, and just as Jesus was raised up to heaven, so too is this earth no longer our home, instead we are citizens of heaven.


Application: Whatever difficulties or troubles you might face today you can face them with peace in your heart. Remind yourself that ‘in Jesus’ you have been made right with God, that you have peace with God. Remind yourself that Jesus has overcome the world and no matter what the world throws at you, you are a citizen of heaven and you’re going home. May what Jesus did for you in the past and where you’re going in the future, give you strength to face the present.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, Your Son, Jesus Christ my Lord, won the victory over sin and death and Satan on the cross, and through faith in Him I have peace with You. And because Jesus overcame the world, I can face whatever this world might bring in the certainty that in Jesus I too have the victory. Lord, may You give me the peace that transcends understanding. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I might take heart amidst the disappointments and set-backs of life. May I fix my eyes, both on the cross and on the prize. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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