The Lord Sees

Scripture: Proverbs 15:3, ‘The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.’


Observations: This verse not only declares that God sees both the wicked and the good, but it also implies that God is the one who defines a person as one or the other. God sees everyone, and he sees both their behaviour and their hearts. In Hebrew it’s literally, ‘in all places are the eyes of Yahweh,’ which according to Proverbs includes the heart (21:2). God is not only omnipresent (everywhere), but he is also omniscient (knows everything). And God is the one who decides whether we are evil or good, not us. Good and evil aren’t subjective. Good is rooted in the character of God, while evil is whatever is contrary to God’s character. Finally, this proverb implies that God not only sees, but that he cares and responds. God not only sees the good, but he loves them and will protect them, because he is a loving God. God not only sees the wicked, but he will also punish them, because he is a just God.


Application: The truth is that we all do what is evil in God’s eyes, and God sees it. If God was only just we would all deserve his condemnation and judgment, but because God is loving he has provided a way for our wickedness to be forgiven. God punished his Only Son, Jesus Christ, in our place, through his death on the cross. When we put our faith in Jesus God no longer sees our wickedness, rather he sees the perfect righteousness of Jesus. We know that we cannot hide our sin from God, but we also know that God has forgiven our sin if we put our trust in Jesus. What sins do you need to confess today? But also remind yourself that in Christ God loves you as his child.


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You see into my heart and You know the wickedness there, You see my selfishness, and my inadequacies. And Lord, I confess those things to You. Lord, cleanse my heart by Your Holy Spirit, and by His power may I think, say and do what is good in Your eyes. Lord, I thank You that in Christ Jesus all my sins have been forgiven, that You no longer treat me as my sins deserve, but instead You call me Your Son, and You give me eternal life. Lord, I thank You for Your mercy and grace. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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