There is a God


Psalm 53:1a 
The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
There is a God


Observations: For the Psalmist, the evidence for the existence of God was irrefutable. Only a fool would say ‘there is no God.’ God exists and he is looking down from heaven to see if there is anyone who seeks him (v2). But unfortunately, everyone has turned away from God and gone their own way (v3). They aren’t just fools, they are corrupt evildoers (v4). But despite their denial of God there will come a day when they will be overwhelmed with dread (v5) and God will restore the fortune of his people (v6). In the end God will vindicate those who put their trust in him. In the end God will show those who denied his existence just how wrong they were. In the end justice will be done.
Application: The idea that there is no God has become extremely popular with the rise of modern science, particularly the theory of evolution. In the end however, everyone will come face to face with their Maker and give an account for their lives. When that time comes will you be counted amongst the fools, or amongst the wise, those who not only believe in God’s existence, but have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ?
Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You have revealed Yourself to me through the Holy Spirit who has opened my eyes to see the truth. Lord, may I tell others about You and Your salvation in Jesus Christ. And Lord, give them the Spirit that they too may turn from their foolishness to wisdom. Lord, may You continue to grow Your kingdom in this world, that more and more people may know You and give You honour and glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
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