Transferred Holiness

Scripture: Leviticus 6:18, ‘Any male descendant of Aaron may eat it. It is his regular share of the offerings made to the Lord by fire for the generations to come. Whatever touches them will become holy.’


Observations: Many of the offerings made to the Lord belonged to the priests as their food. Some belonged exclusively to the ‘male descendants of Aaron,’ but others could be eaten by their whole families. Over and over these offerings are considered holy, something that has been ‘set-apart to the Lord.’ But the interesting thing in this verse is that holiness can be passed onto ‘whatever touches’ the offering. Holiness can be transferred from one object to another in the same way that uncleanness can be transferred from one thing to another (Lev 5:2-3). Both of these ideas are found in the New Testament. James says that true religion is to keep oneself form being polluted by the world (Jam 1:27) i.e. don’t let the uncleanness of this world get transferred into your life. But on the flip side when we become connected to Jesus his righteousness is credited or transferred to our account. The holiness of Christ can become our holiness.


Application: When it comes to our salvation our only hope is that Jesus touches our lives and makes us holy in God’s sight. We need to touch something truly holy in order to make us holy. And the same is true in our daily lives – we need to touch what is holy. But so often what we connect with in this life is unholy and unclean, and it can make our lives unholy and unclean as well. Are the things that touch your life unclean or holy, and how to the affect you? In the same way we have an opportunity to touch others. Do our lives make others unclean, or holy?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I know that in Christ I am holy in Your sight, but I also know that I need to be holy just as You are holy. Lord, help me to discern the things in this life that are beneficial, that are good and right that will help me grow closer to You, as well as the things that that are unclean and sinful that will push me away from You. By the power of Your Holy Spirit may my life have a positive impact on others. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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