Waiting for the Counsel of God

Scripture: Psalm 106:13, ‘But they soon forgot his works; they did not wait for his counsel.’


Observations: Psalm 106 is a list of the many times that God’s people forgot God and his works. They forgot how God rescued them from Egypt through mighty plagues and rebelled at the Red Sea (v6-7). They forgot how God recued them at the Red Sea and they tested him in the wilderness (v8-15). They rebelled against Moses and Aaron (v16-18). They worshipped the golden calf (v19-23). They murmured against God (v24-27). They worshipped the Baal of Peor (v28-31). They caused Moses to become bitter at Meribah (v32-33). They didn’t destroy the Canaanites and instead followed their gods (v34-43). And yet over and over God remembered his covenant and showed pity on them and delivered them (v44-46). It’s interesting that the psalmist accuses God’s people of not waiting for his counsel. Rather than turning to God and seeking God’s will, they turned away from God and did what they wanted.


Application: How much do we forget what God has done in our lives? How often don’t we want for God’s counsel, but instead do our own thing? If God wrote down the story of our lives (or even of the last week), how often would he record the times we forgot him, or just went ahead and did our own thing? This week, remind yourself each day of just how amazing God is and the amazing things he has done for you in Jesus Christ. And wait for God’s counsel, ask yourself in every decision, what would God want me to do?


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, when I read lists of Israel’s failures I often wonder how they could get it so wrong, and yet I know in my own life how often I fail You. Lord, the list of my sins is just as long. Lord, forgive me for forgetting the things that You have done in my life. Forgive me for just going ahead and doing my own thing, without turning to You and Your word. Lord, help me to honour You every moment of my life, help me seek Your counsel, that I might do Your will. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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