Who is like our God?

Scripture: Psalm 113:5, ‘Who is like the Lord our God, who is seated on high?’


Observations: These sorts of questions are rhetorical in nature, because the answer is meant to be obvious – there is no one like the Lord our God! When the psalmist talks about God being ‘seated on high,’ he means that he is the highest there is, there is no one above, or greater, than our God. Even in the ancient world this was a unique statement. The gods of ancient civilizations were either a part of a pantheon i.e. one of many, and you could argue who was the greatest, or the gods were fixed to a certain location, and again you could argue who was the greatest. But for the Jews ‘the Lord is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens! (v4)’ But even more than that the Lord helps his people. The Psalmist mentions two examples: the Lord lifts up the poor and needs and seats them amongst princes (v7-8), and he gives children to barren women (v9). And the only proper response is to praise him. In fact, we’re to bless his name ‘from this time forth and forevermore! (v2)’ And we’re to praise him ‘from the rising of the sun to its setting. (v3)’


Application: Can you say ‘who is like the Lord?’ Have you experienced the greatness of God in your life? Maybe you have experienced his provision, or protection at some point in your life. Maybe like the psalmist you were once needy, but then God richly blessed you, or you were once barren and God enabled you to have children. But one thing all of God’s people have experienced is his love and grace displayed in Jesus’ death on the cross. We can say ‘Who is like our God who sends his own Son to die in our place? Who is like our God who shows sinners with mercy and grace? Who is like our God who adopts their enemies as his own children?’


Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, there is no one like You, for You are above all things, Your glory is above the heavens. But even more You love those whom You have created, You love me, and You sent Your Son, Jesus to die in my place so that I could be reconciled with You. And You show Your great love for me in so many ways. Lord, You give me life and purpose, You fill me life with hope and joy, You uphold me in the difficult times, You forgive me again and again, even though I deserve Your condemnation. Lord, You treat me as a cherished son. Lord, forgive me when I don’t honour You with every breath that I take. Help me to praise You from the moment I wake until the moment I fall to sleep. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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